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Cross Sound Ferry

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Cross Sound Ferry links thousands of New England travelers from Connecticut to Long Island, New York — in either direction.






The ferry is a perfect match for a family on vacation. Or a great alternate route when you’re stuck in traffic. But those are exactly the times you’re least likely to be in front of your computer. The solution? A responsive website redesign that makes it easy to book a trip no matter what device you’re on.


Now ferry customers can purchase tickets while lounging on the beach or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. They can check ferry schedules right after they work on their golf game. Or sign up for a rewards account while fishing on the pier.


In the end it means Cross Sound Ferry is in front of their customers whenever their customers need them. And that means more happy ferry riders.





Every project is a collaboration, but Cross Sound Ferry was truly a team effort. Caspari McCormick, a Wilmington based advertising agency, took the lead on creating brand assets, writing engaging copy and developing the overall marketing strategy. Nimblelight designed the website from initial brand concepts and handled most of the front-end coding. Then we supported Cross Sound Ferry’s internal technology team as they integrated the new site with their existing back-end and booking software.


By tailoring our role to fit the particular needs of the client and agency, we were able to work together to create an online experience that transcended our individual efforts.






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“They are brilliant… One of the most professional and polite teams I have ever worked with.”

Mary Joyce Perskie